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perry video cover

Last month, we received an alert from the construction team for our new Arthur M. Blank Family Animal Center. They noticed a special visitor coming by at night to explore the building and search for snacks. But this visitor wasn’t a person … it was a dog!

Our team safely captured the dog, who we named Perry in honor of the boulevard our new building is located on, and provided her with food, water, and shelter back at our West Midtown campus. While we don’t know how long she’d been living alone, she got the hang of being spoiled by our staff and volunteers very quickly.

Perry was adopted by a wonderful family shortly after she came into our care. But as we continue to build our new facility, Perry serves as an excellent reminder of this new facility’s purpose: to better lives, connect homeless animals with good homes, provide neglected animals with safe spaces, and uplift our community by instilling compassion.

We look forward to growing on the Westside and helping other animals in need, just like Perry.

perry adoption photo