Sparkles was transferred into our care from a local animal control facility today, and she'd love for you to donate to help provide her care! She's suffering from horrible itchy mange that has taken over her entire body. But Sparkles is still just as sweet as can be. This five-month-old loves people and loves to [...]

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Sweet Cuddles had horrible matted fur when he came into our care. The mats were so tight, Cuddles couldn't move without being in pain. We needed to provide Cuddles comfort immediately and the mats were so bad, we had to shave him down. But, we didn't want Cuddles to be embarrassed by his new haircut so decided to turn him [...]

$5,000 Reward Offered After Dog Shot and Killed

The Atlanta Humane Society and Norred & Associates seek justice for Sassy Just a day before Christmas, Sassy, a 12-year-old Pit Bull mix, was shot in the stomach. She then dragged herself back to her family’s porch where she laid down and died. The family has been seeking information and the Pike County Sheriff Department [...]

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Agnes’ Second Chance

Agnes was sick, emaciated, and scared. She was being treated for parvovirus at a local transfer partner when a painful mass popped up on her side and exploded. She received a drain for the mass so it wouldn't get infected. Somewhere along the way, Agnes also developed an upper respiratory infection. We treated [...]

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Update on Maggie

Maggie's skin was red, sore, and extremely irritated when she first arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society. She was cold and emaciated and had lost almost all her fur from mange, an itchy skin infection. She wouldn't eat and would barely move. The mange had compromised her immune system, and we weren't sure [...]

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Crumpet’s Second Chance

You could see every bone on Crumpet’s body when she came into our care. You wouldn’t want to imagine how long she had gone without food. But right now, Crumpet is getting the love and veterinary care she deserves thanks to your support. Your support enabled us to take her into our care, and [...]

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Wilma’s Second Chance

Every inch of her body was covered in yeast. She was constantly scratching, and her skin was constantly flaking off. The infection had spread so much, the hair around her eyes had fallen off. When we looked in her floppy little ears, the infection we found had clogged up her ears completely. We put her under [...]

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