Maggie’s skin was red, sore, and extremely irritated when she first arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society. She was cold and emaciated and had lost almost all her fur from mange, an itchy skin infection. She wouldn’t eat and would barely move. The mange had compromised her immune system, and we weren’t sure if she was going to make it. Our veterinary staff cared for Maggie as she fought for her life, and after days of struggle, Maggie pulled through.


Now, Maggie is in a loving foster home where she is recovering wonderfully! She’s steadily gaining weight, and her skin is smooth and healthy where it used to be sore and itchy.  It will take months for Maggie’s fur to fully grow back, but it’s already showing signs of regrowth.


The most heartwarming change we’ve seen in Maggie’s is her spirit. It’s easy to see that this happy puppy is feeling much better. As she recovers, she’s becoming more adventurous and playful, and she’s gotten all of her puppy energy back. Maggie chases after tennis balls, plays with her foster brother, Lance, and loves to be held and cuddled.


We’re so thankful that this sweet puppy is feeling better. It’s because of support from people like you that we can give animals like Maggie second chances. Thank you for your support!

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