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Huddled on the ledge of a bridge off I-20. Cars were whizzing past her. 

Bridget had no where to turn, no where to run but straight into traffic or straight off a bridge.

But then, a warm hand swooped around her. He had put himself in danger to rescue her, and he picked her up and held her close.

She was covered in abrasions, shivering and absolutely terrified.

Her care started immediately. Providing her delicious Purina wet food, a special IV and a warm heating pad to cuddle up with.

But there were problems. This sweet girl had abrasions all over her body and they could only imagine what her insides looked like.

She was monitored all through the night, checked on frequently, keeping her warm and making sure she was fed and loved.

She survived the night, but Bridget still has a long road ahead of her.

Please, donate now to help provide Bridget and the hundreds of animals just like her today.

Urgent Summer Fund Drive

Urgent Summer Fund Drive

We receive fewer donations in the summer. The strain this causes threatens our ability to care for so many vulnerable animals during the dangerous summer months — a time when our services are most critical. Learn more.