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Right now, there are dozens of animals waiting at the Atlanta Humane Society, hoping for loving families and forever homes. The most heartbreaking thing to witness in the spring is the massive influx of puppies and kittens to AHS.

This spring will be one of our busiest, and we are doing our best to prepare for it. But we still need your help, so we can properly provide shelter and care for the dozens of newborn puppies and kittens who will be brought to us.

Every animal who comes through our doors will have unique needs, and we’ve already stretched our resources to accommodate so many vulnerable dogs and cats. In order to make sure no animal is turned away during the busy spring season, we urgently need your help to provide for them.

That’s why you’ll notice a wish list below. This list includes basic items that will keep each and every puppy and kitten healthy and happy while they wait for adoption.


  • Foster families
  • Toys and treats
  • Love and snuggles from staff, volunteers and visitors


  • Beds
  • Blankets/towels
  • Litter boxes and litter

Medical Supplies

  • Spay and neuter surgeries to prevent future booms
  • Vaccinations for newborn animals

Please take a look at the wish list, and then pick from one or more of the item categories.

Whatever you choose will make a wonderful, life-changing difference for many desperate animals — like Sahara.

Sahara was a 6-month-old puppy who was hit by a car and brought to an overcrowded local shelter by a kind person. The terrified, hurting pup had been hiding under the porch for two days.

When Sahara arrived, she was so thin that her head was sunken in, and she wasn’t bearing any weight on one of her back legs. She was covered in scars, and X-rays revealed that her leg was badly broken.

Sahara had surgery to remove her painful broken leg, but even after the surgery, she was afraid and shut down.

With expert care from our Shelter Medicine Team and love from her foster family, sweet Sahara gained confidence, learned to navigate life on three legs . . . and became a happy, beloved part of her forever family.

Supporters like you ensured that Sahara got the care and medical attention she needed until she found her forever home.

But so many more animals come through our doors every day throughout the metro Atlanta area. As a no-kill organization, AHS cares for animals as long as it takes to find their forever family.

It’s a lot of work, and it can be taxing on our resources, but the animals entrusted into our care deserve it.

Your generous gift will help cover the cost of one or more of the items on our wish list and ensure they have a better life.

I hope you’ll make your gift today to provide the compassionate care desperate animals urgently need and ensure they have the best chance at a better life.

For the animals,

Cal Morgan
President and CEO

P.S. Spring is our busiest time of year. Your gift today is urgently needed to save the lives of dozens of puppies and kittens. Make your gift securely online.

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