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We see the worst of it.

One day, it’s a sweet puppy with a broken leg who was left in a plastic tub in a parking lot. The next, it’s a litter of orphaned neonate kittens who are much too young to fend for themselves.

At Atlanta Humane, animals often come to us broken and in fear.

But our Shelter Medicine works hard to provide them with the medical care they so desperately need.

You can help us heal broken animals. Your gift will be matched up to $25,000 when you give before Tuesday, November 29 at midnight, thanks to a donor who is honoring their dog, George.

Please, click to donate and then read more about the animals we’ve helped below.

gumby blog

Gumby was abandoned in a parking lot. Dumped thoughtlessly in a plastic tub, he was found terrified and whimpering in pain. We wrapped him up and told him it was going to be alright. He was finally safe. Your support enabled us to provide the immediate care that Gumby needed to heal.

Each year, hundreds of neonatal kittens are found orphaned and alone. These fragile little lives require near constant, specialized care to survive. Dedicated fosters bottle feed these kittens while the Shelter Medicine team carefully oversees their medical treatment and growth. Without our help, kittens like these wouldn’t make it.

neonates blog
shelley blog

Shelley was one of 32 dogs rescued from severe neglect. They were living in their own filth without any access to much-needed veterinary care. As soon as we saw Shelley, we knew she was in rough shape. Her tiny, frail body was matted from head to toe, and she could barely see from the thick mats hanging from her face. Her teeth were completely rotten, which made it exceedingly difficult for her to eat. She also had multiple mammary tumors. Our team carefully made sure that all of Shelley’s ailments were tended to and at 11 years old, sweet Shelley finally received the love and care that she deserved.

Three-month-old Asami tested positive for parvovirus. This disease is so deadly that shelters often euthanize at the first sign of it, but we know that the right resources can bring hope to dogs like Asami. Our Shelter Medicine Team provided him with around-the-clock treatment, including fluids and medications, while he was isolated from other animals. Asami was able to beat parvovirus because of support from people like you.

asami blog
November 23, 2022

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