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Merlin came to the Atlanta Humane Society in desperate need of help. His leg had been broken, and although it had been put into a cast, the injury was not stabilized correctly, so he was in immense pain.

Kitten with cast on leg

Our Shelter Medicine Team carefully removed the cast to assess the damage to little Merlin’s leg, and it was far worse than we could have imagined. His leg was necrotic and gangrenous from improper care, and the decision was made to remove the leg to relieve Merlin’s pain and give him be best quality of life possible.

Kitten medical exam

Merlin was scheduled for surgery as soon as possible, and our skilled veterinarians carefully removed his leg so that he could run and play like a kitten should.

Kitten having surgery

After surgery, we sent tiny Merlin to a loving Atlanta Humane Society foster home to recover. Once his pain was relieved, his adorable personality began to blossom.

Kitten in foster care

It wasn’t long until Merlin caught the eye of his new mom… she was actually a friend of his foster who couldn’t get sweet Merlin off her mind. Now he is living the most wonderful, pain-free life with a new forever family of his own.

Kitten with adopter

Your donation right now will help us relieve pain for hundreds of animals this year- just like Merlin. 

July 2, 2020

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