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Apricot was transferred to us from a local animal control facility needing a place to heal. When she came to us she had painful abscesses covering her paws, and she’d recently had one of her back legs amputated.

We’re not exactly sure what happened to Apricot, but we think she was hit by a car and was left to wander around until someone found her. We know sweet Apricot must’ve experienced a lot of pain and confusion.

But Apricot quickly realized she was in a safe place at AHS. Our team provided her with the love and medical care she needed, and she was happy to have a warm, comfy place to rest and heal.  She’s so brave! She quickly adapted to life on three legs, and immediately won the hearts of our staff and and volunteers. This sweet girl is not letting anything bring her down!

Beautiful Apricot was adopted just as soon as she was ready! We’re so thankful we were able to provide this kitty with the care and attention she needed until she found her forever home.

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