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AHS Baby Brigade

We need your help! Kitten and puppy season is around the corner! It’s only with your support that we can care for these babies, provide them around-the-clock care, and help them grow.

We have urgent needs for items on our Amazon Wish List including:

  • Small litter boxes
  • Small litter scoops
  • Puppy and kitten toys
  • Baby receiving blankets
  • Plastic kiddie swimming pools for the pregnant and nursing dogs
  • Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy and Kitten stuffed animals
  • Fold out wire pens or foldable canvas pens

AHS Baby Brigade

And the more foster parents we have, the more of these babies we’ll be able to take care of. Join our Baby Brigade and save the lives of the tiniest puppies and kittens in Atlanta.

They come into our care and their eyes aren’t even open yet, and they desperately need your help. By joining our Baby Brigade, you’re signing up to save lives and raise these little ones so they can find loving homes. We provide you all supplies, education and support along the way. For more information, email our Foster Coordinator Kelly at [email protected].

February 18, 2017

Learn more about our open house for volunteers