Like most dogs, Shelley hoped for a life of love and safety.

Unfortunately, Shelley’s life in a wretched puppy mill was full of filth, neglect and loneliness.

When we rescued her with 32 other dogs, she was suffering and in terrible pain from a complete lack of much-needed medical care.

When Shelley got to the Atlanta Humane Society, her tiny, frail body was matted from head to toe, and she could barely see from the thick mats hanging from her face.

At 11 years old, her teeth were completely rotten, which made it exceedingly difficult for her to eat.

In the hands of our Shelter Medicine Team, sweet Shelley was able to overcome her horrible past. She was bathed, professionally groomed and given lots of affection and love.

As our Shelter Medicine Team examined her, they found several mammary masses that needed to be removed immediately.

They carefully made sure that all of Shelley’s ailments were attended to and made her as comfortable as possible.

Shelley underwent surgery to remove her mammary tumors and rotten teeth, and she was spayed. She did extremely well during surgery and woke up feeling like a whole new dog!

The fear left her eyes, and she no longer cowered when people approached her. She began to trust that people did love her.

Let’s end abuse — together.

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Will you help us make our community a safer place for neglected and abused animals?

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Cal Morgan
President and CEO