There’s one name no animal deserves . . . Homeless.

The streets can be a sad, lonely place for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies without homes.

Hunger gnaws at empty bellies. No soothing voice or gentle hand offers comfort.

Fear becomes a way of life. Fortunately, with help from friends like you, the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) offers a safe haven and medical care for homeless animals. But what these animals really need is a loving home they can call their own.

Murphy, shown above, had a lonely start in life. He belonged to a family who thought they wanted a pet, but were never home. He spent his early puppy days, and many nights, inside and alone. Like all puppies, he longed for people to play with him, and to run outside. When the family brought him to AHS after realizing they just did not have time for a dog, he was starved for affection.

Once he was with people, Murphy bloomed into the sweetest pup you can imagine. With his cute personality, he was quickly adopted by an active guy who needed a buddy too. Now Murphy spends his days at work with his new best friend, and is adored and played with by everyone in the office.

Freddie, the orange tabby pictured below, came to AHS as an FIV+ cat, which scared some visitors until we provided education that he would still make a great pet. Freddie

Everyone loved his sweet, friendly personality! He joined other FIV+ cats in a community room where all attracted attention. Soon he and another cat were adopted into a family with two sisters, so each sister got a charmer!

But not every cat and dog finds a home so easily.

After they arrive here at our shelter, we still have the challenge of finding just the right family to give them a forever home.

Our costs to care for these dogs and cats have been rising steadily. That’s why your support today is so critical — AHS depends on friends like you to help cover these expenses until we can find them all homes.

While we do all we can to help these vulnerable animals, at times their needs can be overwhelming.

Could you find it in your heart to give $50, $75, $100 or whatever you can afford today to help find loving homes for helpless animals?

Your kind gift will help provide shelter and care while they wait — and will even rescue animals from cruel and life-threatening puppy mill and hoarding situations.

On behalf of the animals, thank you for your friendship and support!

For the animals,

Cal Morgan
President and CEO