Chances are, you won’t get to meet most of the animals you’ve helped save. You’ll just have to imagine the wagging tails, the contented purring and the love that exists between literally thousands of joyful animals and their new adoptive families . . .

But I see the good you’re accomplishing every day. And it’s inspiring.

Just think: Because of you, homeless, neglected and abused animals are being rescued every day here at the Atlanta Humane Society.

These resources can mean everything to suffering animals like Maizey.

Maizey was in bad shape when she came into our care with her sister. They were both terrified, and Maizey was so pregnant that she could barely walk. Sadly, she was suffering with multiple open wounds on her head.

The only thing keeping Maizey and her sister alive was hope.

After being examined by our Shelter Medicine Team, we discovered that Maizey was only hours away from giving birth. After a warm, soothing bath, she was quickly moved into a loving AHS foster home to prepare to have her precious puppies. Within hours, Maizey gave birth to six beautiful babies, and they’re the spitting image of their mom!

She and her puppies are loving life in their AHS foster home, and they’re soaking up all the love that they can. Soon they’ll be big enough to take on the world, but for now this sweet family has a warm, safe place to rest and grow together.

Your support allowed us to provide the critical care she needed. With puppy and kitten season coming up soon, Maizey and her puppies are one of the many animal families in the metro Atlanta area who will receive a second chance at a better life because of generous, animal-loving people like you.

But so many more cats and dogs are sick, injured and homeless.

Your support can provide love, and . . .

Shelter, veterinary services, medical supplies and other essential items for needy animals require significant funding. Your tax-deductible gift will help provide the tender loving care they urgently need.

Please help us save animals from cruelty and suffering. Your support will bring joy to the families who adopt them, and make our entire community a better, more compassionate place.

For the animals,

Cal Morgan
President and CEO