When this four-month-old mix was hit by a car her owner took her to a local veterinarian where she was provided a cast.

But it all went horribly wrong from there.

Teddy, preparing for surgery

Teddy’s owner didn’t take her back to have the cast removed.

It was only after the smell turned so horrible that her owner came back to the veterinarian and requested that Teddy be euthanized because of the worsening condition.

Teddy, having her cast removed

The veterinarian rightfully refused.

Teddy was surrendered and transferred to AHS for immediate medical attention.

An X-ray of Teddy's leg

Her cast was removed, her wounds thoroughly cleaned, and she settled into a warm bed with pain medications and fluids.

Her leg will be have to amputated, but she’ll be loved and cared for as she heals. 

Teddy, recovering from surgery

Please, donations are needed now to help care for Teddy and the many other animals who come needing medical attention. As a no-kill shelter, AHS works tirelessly to provide specialized medical support to Atlanta’s animals, but can only do so with your support.