ZOOPAWS Atlanta’s Pet Adoption Event April 27, 2019 Zoo Atlanta Meet your new best friend … right outside the Zoo! Join Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Humane Society for our annual pet adoption event. ZooPaws is back for a THIRD year after more than 65 dogs found forever homes last year! Come out for [...]

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Cats need health care, too!

  “Cats are not small dogs.”  Every veterinary student learned that caveat during school. In other words, cats have nutritional needs that are unique to their species.  They show behavior peculiar to themselves.  They process medications differently than other carnivores.  They manifest pain differently than most other mammals. Sadly, cats are also among the most [...]

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Cats and Weight Control

It's important to understand the importance of weight control for maintaining a happy and healthy cat.  After all, we want our pet companions around as long as possible. Today, more and more cats are living a life indoors.  That’s good in that indoor cats simply live longer than their outdoor counterparts.  However, indoor cats tend to [...]