When Stravinsky arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, he was just a tiny 8-week-old kitten. The overcrowded rural shelter he came from didn’t know about his serious heart condition, but as soon as our Shelter Medicine Team placed a stethoscope on his tiny chest, they knew something was the matter. 

This sweet kitten was diagnosed with a grade 4/6 heart murmur, which will require costly diagnostics and possible surgery to repair. While we wait for answers, little Stravinsky is living comfortably in a loving Atlanta Humane Society foster home. 

Stravinsky will need to receive an echo-cardiogram from a specialist. His foster parents say that he’s a happy kitten, and they’re thankful that our friends and supporters make it possible for Stravinsky to get the second chance he deserves. 

Without your help, providing the level of care Stravinsky needs wouldn’t be possible.

Please consider a life-saving donation today to support Stravinsky and hundreds of animals just like him.