Sparkles was transferred into our care from a local animal control facility today, and she’d love for you to donate to help provide her care!

She’s suffering from horrible itchy mange that has taken over her entire body.

But Sparkles is still just as sweet as can be.

This five-month-old loves people and loves to be petted.

As soon as Sparkles came into our care, we provided her medication (hidden in some delicious Purina wet food – shh!).

And plopped her into the bath where she received a special medicated scrub to start healing her wounds.

Sparkles is going to need months of care from our Shelter Medicine Team, a special foster home to rest and lots more baths before she is all healed up and ready to find her forever home!


Please, help care for Sparkles and animals just like her by providing a lifesaving gift now.