Shelley was one of 32 dogs rescued from severe neglect. They were living in their own filth without any access to much-needed Veterinary care. As soon as we saw Shelley, we knew she was in some of the worst shape imaginable.

Her tiny, frail body was matted from head to toe, and she could barely see from the thick mats hanging from her face. Her teeth were completely rotten, which made it exceedingly difficult for her to eat. At 11 years old, sweet Shelley would finally receive the care and love that she deserved. 

As our Shelter Medicine Team looked over Shelley, they also noticed several mammary masses that would need to be removed immediately. They carefully made sure that all of Shelley’s ailments were attended to and made her as comfortable as possible.

Shelley was professionally groomed and underwent surgery to remove her mammary tumors, rotten teeth, and be spayed. She did extremely well during surgery and woke up feeling like a whole new dog! 

Transformations like Shelley’s are only possible because of your generous support.

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