Have a question about our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program? Read below to explore answers to our most commonly-asked questions!

The in-need cost of service applies ONLY to pet owners who can adequately demonstrate receipt of government assistance to include: EBT/Food Stamps, Social Security Income, Disability Income, TANF, Medicaid/Medicare. Those applying for IN-NEED service costs MUST:

  • Register/bring in his/her own pet (friends, family members, etc. may NOT bring in pets for In-Need applicants) to the scheduled appointment
  • Be able to show a valid Georgia State-issued driver’s/non-driver’s license AND proof of one of the forms of government assistance listed above (must be the same name/address listed on both) AT CHECK-IN.

Please note the regular costs for services will apply to all pet owners who do not meet the above criteria.

A current rabies vaccination is required for all pets receiving service through program. If your pet is current on his/her rabies vaccination, please bring your pet’s vet records to show that your pet is current with his/her rabies vaccination (rabies tags are not considered adequate proof). If adequate proof of current rabies vaccination is not provided at the time of check-in, we will automatically provide the vaccination to your pet for an additional cost of $10 also due at check-in. We will NOT call your local vet’s office to confirm this prior to surgery; it is the responsibility of the pet owner to provide this information.
We can only schedule 2 animals per day per household (please complete a SEPARATE online request for each pet, as putting two pets names in on the same request will result in securing an appointment for only one pet). In cases of litters, you may contact us directly and we may be able to arrange to take the kittens/puppies for a nominal fee and have them adopted here through our “prevent a litter” program.
The tattoo is a small spot of ink near the incision site. If your pet is ever lost, it tells the facility that finds your pet that he/she has been previously altered and does not need exploratory surgery to find this out. Most of the time the fur grows back over the area and the tattoo is barely visible. It is mandatory that all pets altered through this program receive this tattoo.
Appointment dates are available online during registration. The earliest appointment available for your species (dog/cat), gender (male/female), and size of animal will always be displayed; therefore, if an earlier date is not listed that means that all appointments through the date displayed are taken. We only have a set number of appointments each day for each type, gender and size of animal. If you would like an earlier appointment, you may contact our Veterinary Center directly to schedule an appointment through that department at regular cost by calling 404-875-6420.
Please note that very specific parameters are pre-set in regard to the amount of a particular species/gender/size of pet, so last minute substitutions are discouraged. Your appointment is specific for the type (dog/cat), gender (male/female), and size of animal registered. If you have any questions, please reply to your email confirmation (preferred for promptest response) or call 404.974.2886 and leave a message through our voicemail system (calls are returned within 48hours Tues-Sat).
It is vital that pets are picked up promptly at the time designated as staff leaves for the day promptly after discharge. Pets that not picked up at the scheduled time are subject to surrender to the county animal control facilities as abandoned. Additionally, pets must arrive on time for surgery, as surgery begins promptly following intake. Late arrivals may be subject to refusal.
No, all cats must be in separate carriers. Please note that we do sell temporary, cardboard carriers for $5 if you need to purchase additional carriers.
Atlanta Humane Society offers complimentary microchipping for pets receiving surgery through the Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Initiative (if they do not already have one) as part of its mission to ensure that any lost pets are able to find their way back to their loving homes; however, pet owners may opt out of this service if they choose to.
Please let us know as soon as possible that you do not intend to keep your appointment. It is important that we are able release your appointment and give it to someone else who needs it. We want to be able to continue to offer this service to the community. No shows and last minute cancelled appointments may put this program in jeopardy if we don’t meet the goal number of surgeries necessary for continued funding. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice (Tues-Sat only) will be considered lack of adequate notice. You may respond to your email confirmation (preferred) or call 404-974-2886 and leave a message through our voicemail system notifying us of your intent to cancel your scheduled appointment. Thank you in advance for doing so!
Although we will spay lactating pets through the program, you may also wish to wait until mom has finished weening her offspring (usually 6-8 weeks after birth) and then it takes approximately 2 weeks after the litter is completely weened for her stop lactating.
Atlanta Humane Society Admissions Department (404.875.2600) offers a program called Prevent-A-Litter, through which we will alter mom and return her to her owner, and take in the litter and find loving forever homes for them (once we have spayed/microchipped/groomed/dewormed/vaccinated them of course!).
Currently our system does not allow us to customize responses for each animal. If you are in doubt, please respond to your email confirmation (preferred) or call 404.974.2886.
While we make every effort to accommodate animals of varying temperament, the veterinary staff reserves the right to decline any animal based on behavior or medical issues. If you think your animal needs special treatment, please call our Veterinary Center to schedule an appointment at regular cost at 404-875-6420.
Pets cannot eat for 12 hours prior to surgery. Food should be picked up at approximately 9pm(dogs) and midnight(cats) the night before surgery. Water may be left out all night. We ask that you keep all animals inside the night before surgery to monitor this. We ask that you encourage your pet to potty prior to your appointment. All pets should be friendly and manageable. Feral or aggressive animals may be refused.
You will need to reschedule your appointment. The veterinary staff reserves the right to decline any animal based on behavior or medical issues. If you think your animal needs special treatment, please call our clinic to schedule an appointment at regular cost at 404-875-6420.
You will be instructed on post-surgical procedures when you pick your animal up. As a general rule your pet should remain indoors for 7-10 days after having surgery. Activity should be restricted during the recovery period. You will have to monitor the incision site for signs of irritation or infection. Also, spayed females MUST be kept away from any unneutered males UNTIL FULLY RECOVERED.
The veterinary staff will provide your pet with an initial pain injection the lasts for the first 24hours following surgery. You also do have the option to purchase an additional three-day supply of pain medication for $5 (highly recommended). Do NOT give your pet over the counter pain medications as they can be toxic to your pet. E-collars are not provided, but you may purchase one at the time of discharge for $10 (cash only).
Please do not call/email our Veterinary Center for questions regarding the low cost spay/neuter program. They are operated by a completely different staff and cannot answer questions regarding this appointment. You may call 404.974.2886 and leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Must be at least 2 pounds to have surgery. Must be 7 years of age and younger.