Intermediate Obedience Classes

The Next Step class is a great way to take the foundation of training you and your dog have begun with the Atlanta Humane Society to the next level. It is designed to prepare you to take your dog out in public and enjoy cafes, parks, picnics, or other dog-friendly gathering spots, knowing your pooch will walk nicely next to you and then calmly lie next to your chair—even as strangers, other dogs, and other distractions surround you. We work on extended stays with major distractions, on- and off-leash recalls, better leash skills, a “place” command, and a “meet and greet” exercise that teaches your dog to control himself during human interaction.


Graduation from the Atlanta Humane Society Basic Obedience Class within the last 24 months; or completion of at least (4) hours of private instruction via Private Behavior Lessons at the Atlanta Humane Society (more may be required depending on homework follow-through, dog’s age, and dog’s temperament). Basic Training Classes are not all alike. While we appreciate any training you have done with your puppy or dog so far, our Intermediate Class is only for dogs trained at the Atlanta Humane Society. It is not suitable as a follow-up to classes taken elsewhere because it is designed to naturally flow from our Basic Training Class (or private lessons), and because we teach protocols in our Basic Class that other places do not.

Dogs must be 6 months or older, current on vaccinations, and not aggressive to other dogs or people. Certain behaviors must be solid; email us for more information.

Start Dates and Time Information 

(Classes are all outdoors, and only offered in Spring and Fall due to weather extremes.)

April 17th, 2019 Wednesday (all weeks except graduation)         HOWELL MILL CAMPUS                7:00 pm (all weeks except graduation) Registration is OPEN! Email the instructor for the link (please provide approximate date of Basic class attendance). Graduation for this class will be at a nearby park on Saturday, May 11th at 1 pm.
May 16th, 2019  Thursday MANSELL CAMPUS 8:15 pm Registration is OPEN! Email the instructor for the link (please provide approximate date of Basic class attendance). Graduation for this class will be at a nearby park on Thursday, June 6th at 8:30 pm.



The “Next Step” Intermediate Classes are just $85 for the 4-week session (all including dogs; this class does not have an orientation). All classes last one hour (pre-class socialization starts 15 minutes prior to start time for applicable dogs) and take place at the Howell Mill Campus, located at 981 Howell Mill Rd. N.W. in Atlanta, or at the Mansell Campus, 1565 Mansell Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30009. Classes are taught in the Shelter parking lot, though we have a backup area inside in the event of inclement weather. The final class (Week 4) moves from the Shelter to a public venue close by for the Graduation ceremony, so that your dog can show off his skills in public!

Registration and Payment

Classes fill quickly, so pre-registration and payment are required. You may register online by emailing [email protected] for the registration link and to ask any questions.  Please include the dates of your previous training with us. You will receive an email confirmation when your registration is complete, and an email reminder a few days before your class begins.