First Aid & CPR Training


Our certified Pet First Aid Instructors will show you pet CPR, Rescue breathing, the ABC’s of pet first aid, checking vitals, assessing for injury, bite and sting care, heat and cold injuries, bleeding protocols, choking management, and more!

Instructor Mailey E. McLaughlin, M.Ed. is the Atlanta Humane Society’s Behavior & Training Manager, as well as the Education Manager. Evelyn K. Albertson, M.Ed. is a longtime former employee and now a volunteer. Both instructors are certified by PetTech, the first national training center dedicated to First Aid, CPR, and Care for Dogs and Cats.

The Pet First Aid class is 4 hours and includes the skills outlined above. It is a jam-packed combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on skill practice. It is perfect for pet owners and individuals in the pet care industry. The class includes a workbook, and each participant will receive a completion certificate. Classes are for people only. Please leave your pets at home!

Class Schedule

There are no CPR/First Aid classes scheduled at this time. Please contact [email protected] for information about classes that may be available in your area.