UPDATE: One of the Standard Poodles has already been adopted, and the other two are finishing up treatment for their ear infections after receiving a much-needed grooming. Don’t they look great?!

After one of their owners passed away and the other was diagnosed with cancer, these poodles needed somewhere to go. Their care had become too much for the owner to handle, and by the time they arrived at our door, they were in very poor health. 

Matted from head to toe, some were unable to see because their eyes were matted over and crusted shut. They had some of the worst ear infections our Shelter Medicine Team had ever seen, but despite all they’d been through, they were gentle and just wanted love. 

Our team worked for hours shaving off the mats, cleaning their teeth and tending to their painful ear infections.

Some of the poodles require daily ear cleanings, medications and ointments, but their lives will only get better from here.

Healing is a process, but because of the love and support from friends like you, these sweet poodles will be available for adoption soon!

We can notify you the next time a we have a poodle that is available for adoption. Visit our Pet Alert page.

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