When we saw him, we could barely believe our eyes. His skin was cold and oddly smooth, and we could feel every rib, his entire spine, and his protruding hip bones. His face was sunken in, and his eyes were filled with sadness. At age 11, PJ was surrendered by his previous owner in extremely poor health, and we knew we had to help.

He was malnourished, dehydrated, and in desperate need of medical attention for an eye and skin condition. Our Admissions at Shelter Medicine Team provided PJ with fluids, critical care food, and the immediate care he needed to make it through the night. 

After running diagnostic tests, our Shelter Medicine Team discovered that PJ had an untreated thyroid condition that was causing him to lose weight and lose almost all of his hair. He was placed with a loving foster family while our doctors worked tirelessly to regulate the levels in PJ’s blood.

After several weeks of treatment, we started to notice some improvements, and PJ’s hair finally started growing back! Hope has returned to his eyes, and he is finally receiving the love and care he has always deserved, thanks to your support.

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