Her face should have been soft, bright white, and hopeful. Instead, she was tinged brown, fleas crawling all around in her matted fur, and her eyes were pleading for help. Perhaps for the first time, Petunia was safe. And she would soon know what it felt like to be cared for and truly loved. 

Our doctors knew sweet Petunia would be fighting an uphill battle- she had a severe heart murmur, cataracts in her eyes, matted fur, and painful dental disease. They immediately went to work bathing and grooming her, administering medication to rid her of itchy fleas, and cleaning and extracting her long-neglected teeth. 

Little Petunia’s body was frail, but her spirit was strong, and she pulled through her surgery like a champ. It was truly a transformation… Petunia was starting to look and feel as beautiful as she deserved. 

Given her age, we thought it would take Petunia a little while to be adopted, but she didn’t have to wait long! Just a few days after being made available, Petunia landed in her new mom’s arms and it was love at first sight. 

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