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The Atlanta Humane Society has partnered with Pets for Patriots!

For current or former members of the United States Military, the Atlanta Humane Society offers fee-waived adoptions for eligible pets.

Eligible pets for the Pets for Patriots program include:

  • Adult dogs or cats 2 years or older
  • Animals with special needs such as a birth defect or chronic medical condition
  • Any animal who has been in our care for 6 months or more
  • Large dogs of any age weighing 40 or more pounds at the time of the adoption

Please note that you must apply with Pets for Patriots for your fee-waived adoption prior to coming to adopt. 

For a complete list of eligibility and proof of service requirements, visit:

In addition to discounted pet adoption fees, AHS offers ongoing discounted veterinary care through our AHS Veterinary Center. Pets for Patriots offers a $150 gift card to spend on pet food and supplies and education for the public and military community.

Please note that participants of the program may adopt 2 eligible pets (dog or cat) per person/per household.


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