When we received the call from Forsyth County Animal Control, we couldn’t have imagined the shape Pete and Sadie would be in. They had been severely neglected for months. Pete’s eyes were completely matted over, and our Shelter Medicine Team wasn’t sure what they would find when they cut away the mats. 

Pete and Sadie

Both Pete and Sadie were very thin, covered in dirt, and desperate for love and care. Despite their poor conditions, they were endlessly sweet and loved each other very much.

Pete's eyes were completely matted over

Our Shelter Medicine Team went to work removing the painful mats that were plaguing Pete and Sadie’s sensitive skin. Pete’s mats were especially difficult to remove since they covered the sensitive area around his eyes, but once the mats were removed, we were thrilled to find two healthy eyes. 


Pete’s world had been dark for months, and after all that time, he is finally able to see again. At twelve years old, Pete is finally getting the chance to start a new life and have all the love he deserves. 

 Pete shaved

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