Protect and Save

Our Southern summers are hot, humid and dangerous for pets. The heat alone can be deadly, but with the heat comes fleas, ticks and mosquitos. And, with these pests come discomfort and diseases.

This summer is slated to be especially buggy with the warm winter we had meaning your pet could be bringing home a lot more than some tired legs after your evening walks.


Fleas are just a few millimeters big. They can jump onto your pet from another animal, can be living in your yard, or hanging out at your dog’s favorite park. But when they’re on your pet, and your pet isn’t protected, you’re welcoming hundreds of fleas into your home before you even realize it’s a problem. A single flea lays up to 30 eggs a day and once you see a single flea, there’s often already hundreds hiding on your couch, in your carpet and in the corners of your living room. 


Ticks are known for their woodsy dwelling, but they don’t discriminate and can also be found in urban areas. These little pests quickly latch onto your pets and can carry deadly diseases that often don’t show symptoms until it’s too late for your pet.


Mosquitoes are well known to us. They’re pesky and leave us humans itching all summer long. But they can leave a lot more with our pets. Mosquitoes carry the deadly Heartworm disease. Within months, your pet’s hearts and lungs can be full of worms, causing congestive heart failure. If your lucky and catch the disease, your pet will spend months receiving expensive treatment that leaves them tired and sick.

Protect and Save

But, thankfully these pests are easily controllable and your pets easily protected with a monthly preventative. And our friends at Heartgard and Frontline, the premier choice in flea, tick and heartworm prevention, will provide you the opportunity to save your pet with coupons to prove how easy it is to keep your pet protected with their simple monthly preventatives.


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