As soon as we saw Ollie, we knew we had to help. His matted, frail body shook, and we could feel every bone as we held him close and tried to soothe him. 

His right eye was missing and severely infected, and his left eye had such severe cataracts that he couldn’t see. His world was empty and dark, and he was alone until we brought him into our care. 

We immediately rushed him into a loving AHS foster home and provided him the love and medical attention he had been missing for most of his life. This elderly guy had been neglected, and he needed us. Ollie is gaining weight with a specialized diet, the mats in his fur have been removed, and he is on special medication for his infected eyes and ears. 

Ollie has a second chance at love… because you choose to give. Please donate today to provide second chances to animals just like Ollie.