Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Miller first came to us, but we quickly noticed that something was unusual. Miller was drinking much more water and urinating more frequently than a normal cat his age and size. It didn’t take us long to discover that this sweet kitty is diabetic.

Miller requires a special diet as well as insulin shots twice a day to regulate his sugar levels.

Thankfully, we found a loving foster home to take care of Miller until he gets adopted, and he is doing great! Miller and his foster mom, Jeannine love spending time together. Other than his insulin shots twice a day, Miller is a normal, happy cat. He takes his shots very well, and then goes about his day unbothered.

Sweet Miller is ready to be adopted! He’s looking for a loving home with someone who can give him his shots. He doesn’t mind other cats, but he might require a long introduction. Miller loves to cuddle, play, and eat treats! He’s a beautiful cat with lots of love to give.

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