In anticipation of Hurricane Florence, many Carolina shelters were pleading to clear space in their shelters so that they would be able to take in as many displaced animals as possible. Miggie came to the Atlanta Humane Society from one of those Carolina shelters, and when he arrived, we knew he needed more than shelter from the storm.  

He was trembling with fear, and we could feel each bone in his tiny body as we scooped him up to tell him he was finally safe. We gave him extra love, lots of treats and, perhaps for the first time in his life, hope. 

Miggie was moved into a loving Atlanta Humane Society foster home where he is receiving more love than he’s ever had before, and once he gains enough weight, this sweetheart will be available for adoption!

Your donation enables us to respond to disasters like Hurricane Florence. Right now, your donation will be doubled thanks to the bequest of Robert William Roberts.

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