Starsky is our Undercover Chihuahua!  Whenever we look for him, we first check under the blanket on his bed because he’s always buried underneath.


Starsky fit right into his foster home and quickly caught on to the routine with an almost perfect housebreaking record.  Starsky is attempting to drop a few pounds and since he loves to walk, he is making fast progress to a slimmer build.  He investigates as he walks, but keeps up a steady pace that keeps his foster mom moving, too!

Starsky wants to be with people – if they go outside, he wants to go outside.  If they go inside, he wants to go inside, but he isn’t a clingy boy.  He would rather walk than be carried but he will sit in your lap – okay, more like sprawl on you like you are his own personal chaise lounge!


Starsky is crate trained and is happy to use his crate for his bedroom at night.  Sometimes he hops in before his foster mom can get his bed inside! If one look at Starsky tugs on your heart strings, then take a moment to make his day – you won’t regret it.

As you approach his kennel, Starsky quietly looks up at you with dark, inquisitive eyes. Give him a few minutes and he will come to you with his tail wagging and happy to go for a walk. He is stout for a chihuahua, but has a lively step given that he’s carrying some extra weight.

He bravely explores the play yard and enjoys visiting all the people that come to see him. He even enjoys running with the dogs at the shelter surprising you as he attempts to jump and hurdle about. Since he loves to play, he will be much less prone to injury, healthier and happier if he lost a few pounds.


When called for, Starsky will pause to give you a puzzled look as if to ask, “Can I have 5 more minutes?!”. Once he realizes that you’re not the one to come, he quickly waddles to you as to not be left behind. He has some skin issues, but they’re easily manageable and he’s on medication to help clear it up.

Starsky was surrendered to us because his owner could no longer care for him. He has such a sparkling personality that we couldn’t be happier to help him find the home he deserves. With a lot of love and a bit of TLC, we know that Starsky will shine even brighter knowing that he has a furever family.

Starsky has been adopted! There are dozens of great dogs that are waiting to meet you now. View our adoptable dogs.