It’s incredible what your support does year-round for the Atlanta Humane Society.

I want you to know that every gift you give is used carefully and efficiently to save the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats in the metro Atlanta area. Because of you, dogs like Mickey get a second chance.

Sweet Mickey grew up knowing nothing but cruelty, forced to live outside with dirty water and little food. Our Animal Protection Unit rescued him and almost 80 other dogs from an unspeakably disturbing situation in Murray County where they were living in filth.

Some of the dogs had been living outside their entire lives, exposed to the rain, heat, cold and snow. Painful skin conditions went untreated. A few dogs were battling a potentially deadly disease and needed specialized veterinary care.

Mickey’s skin was covered in open wounds, and the little fur he had was knotted into painful mats. Both of his eyes were infected, and his stomach was full of parasites.

Because of compassionate people like you, our Shelter Medicine Team had the resources to provide him the expert care he needed.

Thankfully, Mickey had a skilled group of caring individuals to help him through his recovery and rehabilitation. Mickey still has healing to do, but he is coming along.

This was all possible because of your generous support. You saved Mickey and the other 80 dogs rescued with him. And with your next gift today, you can help more vulnerable animals in our community.

When you give to AHS, you are helping provide these sweet animals with:

  • Shelter and care
  • Medical treatment, vaccinations and rescue from cruel and life-threatening puppy mill and hoarding situations
  • Adoption services and behavioral training that ensure a smooth transition into new loving homes
  • And so much more!

As a nonprofit charity, we stretch your support beyond what many would believe possible — 77 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to help animals in need. By operating so efficiently, we can ensure that each animal receives exactly what they need to attain a better life.

Today, I hope you’ll commit to helping even more cats and dogs in our community by sending your next tax-deductible gift or donating on our website, atlantahumane.org/newlife.

Thank you again for your caring and compassion for animals in need, and for partnering with us in this beautiful work.


Cal Morgan
President and CEO

P.S. Mickey and many other wonderful animals thank you for their second chance. You are welcome to come meet some in person at our campuses anytime. You will love meeting some of the cats and dogs you are helping save.