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Our kittens got a little jealous after hearing our puppies went to the Georgia Aquarium so we took them on an outing too!

Watch Puppies at the Georgia Aquarium

Be sure to check out how our puppies enjoyed their time at the Georgia Aquarium while you’re here, and be sure you’re keeping you and your pet safe during this time:

♥️ If you become ill and can still properly care for your pet, the best solution is keeping your pet in your home with you.
♥️ Individuals who come in contact with, or contract, COVID-19 should avoid additional contact with other people and pets.
♥️ Be sure your pet is prepared and ensure you have multiple caregiver options for your pet in case you become unable to care for your pet.
♥️ Keep updated with the most recent CDC guidelines and find more information on our website at

April 7, 2020

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