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Spring is here, and so are kittens! During the spring months it is very common to hear tiny meows of kittens outside. You might want to scoop them up and take them home, but in most cases, this is not best for the kittens. Don’t kit-nap! It is important to remember not every outdoor kitten needs saving.

What should you do if you find a litter of tiny kittens? This depends on a few factors, including how and where you found them, whether the mother cat is around, and how old they are. It’s vital to understand that young kittens have a better chance at survival when they remain with their mothers. Mother cats don’t always stay with their kittens around-the-clock, so we recommend monitoring the kittens for a couple days from a safe distance to see if mom comes back.

Kitten Season chart

If the mother does not return, it is time for you to foster and Grow a Kitten! The Atlanta Humane Society is here to guide you through kitten season. We have created Grow a Kitten kits that are filled with the essentials you will need to raise and care for kittens until they are old enough to find their forever homes.

Grow A Kitten Instructions

You can help during this time by donating crucial supplies needed to care for kittens.

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Found a cat outdoors?

Community cats are unowned, free-roaming cats that may or may not be friendly towards people. While a community cat might look the same as a lost, stray pet cat, community cats survive by avoiding close human interaction.

Unowned feral and community cats are eligible for a free spay/neuter surgery through the Atlanta Humane Society’s TNR (trap-neuter-return) program. Click here for more information on community cats and our TNR program.

Are you a community cat caregiver?

If you need assistance or other resources to care for your colony, please contact our Resource Center for more information at 404-875-5331.