Joey and his three siblings were tossed from a moving vehicle, discarded as if they were trash. Joey was hit by a car, and brought to one of our local shelter partners, who contacted us requesting assistance.

When Joey arrived in our care, our Shelter Medicine Team rushed to his side. He could not walk and he was screaming in pain.

X-rays showed two severe breaks: one in his right tibia and the other in his left femur.

Our Shelter Medicine Team worked diligently to take care of Joey and provide him the best possible care. We gave him a soft bed, medicine to dull the pain, and began working to heal his legs. We placed two splints on his back legs so his broken bones could heal correctly.

Joey needed several months of recovery, care, and love, so we immediately found the perfect foster home for this little guy. His splints needed to be changed every five days, and he needed more X-rays, pain medication, and continued specialized care.

Joey grew bigger and stronger over the months, he thrived in his foster home, and when he was ready, Joey was adopted into a loving forever family.

This holiday season, Joey is happy in a home full of love.

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