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Izzy was pulled from the mouth of a dog. She was only 10 days old. You can donate now to help provide her care.

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The dog had found the nest Izzy was living in while out on a walk. When Izzy’s mom saw the danger, she swooped up her three other kittens and ran.

Izzy was left to fend for herself.

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Thankfully, Izzy landed in the hands of a kind animal lover who brought her to the Atlanta Humane Society.

Kittens as young as Izzy are fragile little creatures. They can’t survive alone, and they can’t survive without someone to watch over them every hour of the day.

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Izzy wouldn’t make it without a lifesaving foster caregiver, and thanks to our supportive community, we were able to immediately secure a place for Izzy to be cared for.

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Izzy is now being bottle fed on a regular schedule every few hours and slowing learning how to crawl. 

Izzy is just one of the hundreds of Atlanta’s tiniest creatures who will come into our care this year, fragile and in desperate need of immediate care.

Please donate, send an item off our wish list, or become a foster caregiver to help save their lives.

April 17, 2017

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