Legislative Action Needed!

UPDATE  3/17/2017: While HB 49 passed yesterday without any amendments, there is still a possibility that HB 144 might be attached to either HB 40 or HB 50. 


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We’re happy to report that HB 144 failed to pass the House of Representatives thanks to your support!

House Bill 144 is being presented as a consumer protection bill but it would make it possible for retail pet stores to continue to obtain their dogs and cats from out-of-state unlicensed breeders and puppy mills.

Why is it important to oppose this bill?

The Atlanta Humane Society, as well as all other licensed animal shelters and rescue groups, works daily to reduce companion animal homelessness, overpopulation, and suffering.

The bill would prevent buyers of sick puppies from recovering high veterinary costs and prohibits Georgia’s cities and towns from passing their own laws to keep puppies that are cruelly bred out of their pet stores.

Additionally, when puppy mills are allowed to sell their animals, it means thousands of healthy adoptable animals won’t find homes and will be euthanized in Georgia at the taxpayers’ expense.  When this happens, licensed animal shelters, rescue groups and animal control agencies are prevented from tackling companion animal overpopulation thus perpetuating the cycle of animal suffering and death. This bill, if enacted, would prevent localities from tackling companion animal overpopulation and would do nothing to stop animal suffering and death.

Puppy mills, by their very nature, are driven by profit and not the well-being of their animals. By providing an outlet for these irresponsible breeders to sell their animals, animal suffering is not only condoned – it is encouraged.

Lastly, this bill takes control away from local government and in doing so, ensures that retail pet stores can continue to sell puppy mill puppies without interference from local authorities.

The largest and most successful pet store chains do not sell commercially-raised puppies, and we encourage Petland, the primary backer of HB 144, to convert to a more humane business model such as obtaining animals from local shelters.

Please join us in our efforts to prevent animal exploitation.

What can you do?

  • Contact your State Representatives TODAY and ask them to OPPOSE HB 144
    • Find your legislator here by typing in your home address
    •  Click the name of your house representative and call the capitol number before it’s too late
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  • Stand up for the animals on social media and ask your friends to join you by sharing your opposition to this bill on Facebook.

Thank you for joining the Atlanta Humane Society and its supporters in being the voice for animals in Georgia.