When I first met Evie and saw her terrible suffering, I knew I had to share her story with you. Because even though it begins on a sad note, it has a happy ending — one that you made possible.

This sweet pup was found wandering the streets of Atlanta, scared, alone and trying desperately to stay alive. When a kind person brought her to a local county animal shelter, it was difficult to tell she was a dog because she had almost no hair.

There was hardly a single spot on her body that wasn’t an open wound.

Evie was suffering from demodex mange, a skin disease that caused painful, itchy, open lesions to spread across her body. At 6 months old, all she had known was a life of pain and fear. The county shelter who brought her in is one of our 80 rescue partners throughout the state. With stretched resources, they were unable to provide the extensive care she needed to survive.

During one of our regular visits to the shelter, we saw Evie’s plight and immediately transported her to our facility so that she could receive the lifesaving treatment she needed.

Hope kept her alive . . .

Evie had one of the most extreme cases of demodex our veterinarians had ever seen. As a special needs case, she began receiving intense medical treatment and baths to help soothe her sores. With a greatly compromised immune system from the disease and trying to survive on the streets as a puppy, she also developed a respiratory disease, which we treated with antibiotics.

With weeks of treatment before her wounds would start to heal and her fur begin to grow back, Evie was placed in a loving foster home. She thrived there, and to be around her, you would never know this super sweet shepherd/pit mix puppy was so sick. It turned out she loves people and to play with other dogs.

She loves to be petted, to have her chest rubbed and to curl up next to her foster mom to cuddle and sleep contentedly.

Like everyone, Evie just wants to fit in and be part of a family who loves her. Because it is hard to look at her furless body, she is usually the kind of animal who is forgotten. But when she looks up at you with those trusting, loving brown eyes, she is beautiful.

Once Evie has finished her 6-8 weeks of treatment and her fur has grown back, with her sweet disposition, she will be quickly adopted into her forever home, to be spoiled and loved as she so deserves.

Thanks to caring and compassionate friends like you, Evie is one of many animals in the metro Atlanta area to receive a second chance at a better life. But so many more dogs and cats in our community are sick, injured and homeless. They desperately need tender loving care, too!

The love is free, but . . .

Shelter, veterinary services, medical supplies and other essential items we need to care for animals until adoption require significant funding.

We urgently need your support to ensure we can continue our work on behalf of homeless and helpless animals.

Your tax-deductible gift will help provide:

  • Rescue of injured, abandoned and endangered dogs and cats
  • Shelter for thousands of unwanted and lost animals
  • Pet adoptions to loving homes
  • Reunions between lost pets and their families
  • Microchip clinics, referral services and much more.

Think of Evie . . . the fear and misery she endured . . . and the way you transformed her life.

Then, please open your heart again to other lonely, vulnerable animals in our community — and make your most generous gift today.

Please make your best gift today to give many more animals a second chance.

You’ll help save animals from cruelty and suffering. You’ll bring joy to the families who adopt them. And you’ll make our entire community a better, more compassionate place.

Animals like Evie need you. Please give them your love today.


Cal Morgan
President and CEO