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On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the Atlanta Humane Society will host Bone Appétit, a celebrity chef dinner at 103 West in Buckhead.

The evening will include puppy greeters, music, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and a spectacular five-course dinner with wine pairings.

Chef Piero Premoli from Pricci has taken the lead on the menu and he has confirmed the following chefs who will participate in this Celebrity Chef dinner: Chef Piero Premoli from Pricci, Chef Jamie Adams from Il Giallo, Chef Philippe Haddad with Cape Dutch, Chef Frank Kaltsounis with Xenia Hospitality Group, and Chef Fuyuhiko Ito from Umi.

Bone Appétit

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
103 West in Buckhead
Reception at 6:30 p.m.
Dinner at 7:30 p.m.
Guests of Honor Georgia and Pano Karatassos

Tickets and Sponsorships
Guests of Honor Georgia and Pano Karatassos

Guests of Honor Georgia and Pano Karatassos

Sponsored by:

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  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit
  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit
  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit
  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit
  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit
  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit
  • Photo from previous Bone Appétit

Bone Appétit: Individual Ticket – $250

Individual ticket

Bone Appétit: Puppy Patron Single Ticket – $500

Individual ticket

Bone Appétit: Puppy Patron Couples Ticket – $1,000

Two individual seats
Name recognition at signage at event
Guardians Circle member for one year, includes cocktail events
Opportunity to name a shelter pet something dear to your heart

Bone Appétit: Table Host – $5,000

One table (8 seats) at the event
Verbal recognition during the event
Name recognition at signage at event
Behind-the-scenes tour of the AHS Howell Mill or Mansell campus
Guardians Circle member for one year, includes cocktail events
Opportunity to name a shelter pet something dear to your heart

If you have any questions please contact Jen Warren, Director of Leadership Giving, at 404.974.2890 or [email protected].

Chef Piero PremoliChef Piero Premoli


Chef Piero Premoli is a native of Milan, Italy and has been surrounded by fine food his entire life. His passion and attention to detail have made great contributions to each restaurant where he has worked, from Milan, Paris, and London to Miami, New York, and now Atlanta. Piero’s mother, maternal grandfather, and paternal grandmother all worked in hospitality and culinary industries, allowing him to learn every aspect of the business from such an early age. Cooking has always been a family affair, so at the age of fourteen Piero began his formal culinary training at Milan’s Amerigo Vespucci, where he earned his degree and continued on to receive a degree in hotel and tourism management.

After earning his degree, Piero worked as an apprentice throughout Europe, most notably at Tempiadoro in Milan and at L’Assemblee Nationale in Paris. A sense of adventure and intense love of sailing brought Piero across the Atlantic and to Miami via the Atlantic Race Columbus (1991). In Miami, Piero began his culinary career in the United States. Piero first worked as sous chef under Master Chef Antonio Tettamanzi at Osteria del Teatro. From there Piero traveled up the east coast with executive positions in Atlanta at Mezzaluna, in Atlantic City at the Trump Taj Mahal, and on to New York City at Café Fiorello’s. Upon his arrival back in Atlanta in 2001, Piero met restaurateur Pano Karatassos and accepted a position as a corporate consultant with the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

Piero assumed the helm at Buckhead Life Restaurant Group’s Pricci in May 2005. Known for his tireless work ethic and contagious passion for food, Piero’s emphasis on technique, cleanliness and research result in delicate and flavorful Italian cuisine. He takes great pride introducing his guests to the variety of cuisines apparent in the eclectic regions of his home country. Piero also embraces the role of teacher with young chefs and has implemented an exchange program between great kitchens in Northern Italy and Buckhead Life kitchens.


Chef Jamie AdamsChef Jamie Adams

Il Giallo

After years of being enamored by virtually every aspect of Italian culture, Jamie Adams spent nearly five years honing his craft at some of the finest restaurants in Italy. While there, he learned from many highly acclaimed chefs (as well as Italian Grandmothers!) not only the nuts and bolts of the cooking, but more importantly about the culture, the people and the traditions behind the flavors.

Upon returning to Atlanta, Chef Adams began his twenty-year relationship with the prestigious Buckhead Life Restaurant Group and Pano Karatassos, where Adams achieved the reputation as one of Atlanta’s preeminent Italian Chefs. In 2000 at the age of 41, Adams became, as he refers to it, “the lucky recipient of 4 Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (CABG), fondly referred to as “Cabbage” aka, quadruple bypass. Faced with such a life altering (or ending…) event, Adams paid attention to the “wake-up” call and began a new life of healthy diet and exercise, primarily in the form of road cycling. It also rekindled in him the desire for a new platform to express his many influences, from the beautifully hand crafted pastas learned in Piemonte and Emilia-Romanga, to the wonderful variety of the Italian coast from Venice to Genoa.


Chef Philippe HaddadChef Philippe Haddad

Cape Dutch

Philippe Haddad brings 37 years of global, culinary and hospitality experience to Cape Dutch and the Company, offering his innovative cooking techniques and recipe creations along with his life-of-the party character and passion for food and wine.

Prior to joining the Cape Dutch team, Haddad starred as guest consulting chef of a different concept from restaurateur Justin Anthony, Yebo, for the restaurant’s Sunday brunch series, in addition to leading the kitchen at F&B Atlanta as executive chef for three years. A Bruges, Belgium native, Haddad began his culinary journey as a teenager, when he exhibited more than a passing interest in the culinary arts. At a young age, Haddad was accepted to the most renowned hotel institute in Belgium, Hotel School Ter Duinen after enrolling in a preliminary cooking school at age 14. Haddad’s passion and elite training allowed him to find work in a myriad of regions and countries such as Belgium, the south of France, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, the West Indies, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the United States. Along the way, Haddad gained insight into the many customs and cultures that surround each country’s culinary traditions.


Chef Fuyuhiko ItoChef Fuyuhiko Ito


With more than 28 years of culinary experience in both traditional Japanese and classic French restaurants, Tokyo-born chef and partner Fuyuhiko Ito leads the culinary team at Umi, a new sushi concept located in Atlanta’s bustling Buckhead neighborhood. Umi embraces Ito’s heritage along with his unwavering passion for high quality ingredients and offers a diverse menu with international influences and both classic and progressive approaches to Asian fare.

Ito began his restaurant career at the age of 17 at Chateau Lion in Tokyo where he handled fresh fish from the Tsukiji Fish Market daily. Over the next several years, Ito worked under master chef Kono in the United States and a top Yakitori chef at Toriyoshi in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. Throughout his culinary profession, Ito developed a great passion for his knives. Each day, he carefully fine tunes each to maintain its maximum performance by using at least three different grit sharpening stones. In addition, Ito only uses non-oxidizing knives enabling him to avoid oxidation while cutting the finest sushi ingredients, creating a new standard in sushi cuisine.


Chef Frank KaltsounisChef Frank Kaltsounis

Xenia Hospitality Group

A native Charlottean and fellow Greek, Frank Kaltsounis was raised in the family restaurant business, and chose to follow his dream by attending culinary school in NYC. Enticed by the French Culinary Institute’s pastry program, Frank’s sweet tooth soon led him to Aureole’s pastry department where he would apprentice under award-winning chef Charlie Palmer. After his 1998 graduation, Frank’s quest to learn everything about all things sweet, led him to chef for Dean & Deluca, Bluepoint and Kyma in Atlanta, and Bonterra, one of Charlotte’s most highly praised eateries.

True to his inherited entrepreneurial spirit, Frank jumped at the chance to work with his brother, Angelo Kaltsounis and friend, Stratos Lambos, when they invited him to join them as Executive Pastry Chef of Stratos Restaurant Group, now known as Xenia Hospitality Group. An admitted instant gratification addict, Frank loves making and seeing his desserts every day, but equally enjoys the long-term planning involved with opening new restaurants.

“Opening a restaurant gives you the opportunity to learn a million things about running a business, which for me is as exciting as making a nice dessert,” Frank says. “ I have worked with some awesome chefs, but your mind is constantly absorbing new techniques, ideas, recipes, and concepts.” All of which come in handy when designing the perfect dessert menu to compliment the unique cuisine, décor, and location of each concept.

Well-known in the Charlotte restaurant community creating delicately designed pastries, Frank was awarded an unusual honor in 2006 when Creative Loafing simply stated the best dessert in Charlotte was “anywhere Pastry Chef Frank Kaltsounis is.” And where Frank’s delicacies are, from freshly baked pita bread to mouth-watering ice creams and sorbets, is at every Xenia Hospitality Group location.