How Kids Can Help Fundraise

The Atlanta Humane Society needs volunteers of all ages to help animals in our community. Donating your time, energy, and talents is a great way to support the many programs and services the AHS provides for people and animals throughout the Southeast. Join our youth volunteer corps for the animals’ sake!

To work directly on our Shelter premises, volunteers must be eighteen (18) years of age, but there are ways other than working at the Shelter in which people of ALL ages can help. See below for some fun ideas for volunteer groups and individuals. Feel free to come up with projects of your own, too, but note that all projects using the AHS name must be approved first.

The AHS would like to give you recognition for your efforts and generosity on this website and through our quarterly newsletter, the heart. Groups are also encouraged and welcomed to schedule a tour of our Shelter.

Ways to Help by Fundraising

A few simple fundraising guidelines:

  • Collection of proceeds from youth fundraising projects should be handled by one person (the sponsor, teacher, or a responsible student). To prevent any misrepresentation, funds should be given immediately to the AHS.
  • The AHS assumes no expenses, liabilities, or responsibility for the event. All liabilities are the responsibility of the youth organization during the event.
  • Always get approval for any function from the principal or other school official before holding an event on school grounds.
  • The Society gives permission to use our name as follows: “Proceeds from this event (or sale) will be donated to the Atlanta Humane Society and Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals.”

Car Wash

Organize a car wash and set a price per car (such as $3), or ask for a donation per car (whatever amount they would be willing to give). Or, do it as a “Wash-a-Thon,” and instead of charging each customer a set price, obtain pledges from families, teachers, friends and neighbors for each car washed that day (you can ask for donations for this method, too). Set a goal of how many cars the group can wash in a day (perhaps 300). Make a chart that you can post and fill in as you head toward your goal of 300 cars washed. Choose a visible location for the wash; one with lots of traffic on the weekends would be good (make sure it has water hookups). You will need to obtain permission from the owner of the property first, of course. You can advertise in your school newsletter or a local newspaper, and put up signs where allowed. Have one or two students hold up signs, too, with the price (or “free” if you are doing the Wash-a-Thon), days and times, and a note to tell customers that the AHS will receive the funds. This type of event has the potential to raise a considerable amount of money because you will be receiving donations as well as pledged funds! Have fun trying to stay dry!

Note: Be sure to observe any county-imposed water restrictions that may be in effect, especially during the heat of the summer.

Bake Sales

Organize a bake sale! Set a date and have group members sign up to make various baked goods to be sold. Advertise with posters that tell buyers that the proceeds will benefit the AHS.

Heartbank Volunteer

Assists in fundraising endeavors for the Society. Must be at least 16 years of age or have adult supervision, place collection banks in approved locations and collect and deliver monies from these banks at least once a month to the Shelter during regular business hours or by mail.

For details about this program, contact our Manager of Volunteer Services at 404.974.2822.


Collect any type of recyclable items (aluminum, glass, paper, etc.) which can then be turned in for money to be donated to the Atlanta Humane Society. If your school or group is already involved in a recycling program, perhaps you could choose a specific month or two to donate funds to the Shelter. How about May? Its first week is officially designated as “Be Kind To Animals Week.”

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