Dewey’s rare birth defect was painful. This sweet kitty was born without eyelids, which caused his eyelashes to constantly scratch his eyes. He had trouble blinking, so his eyes never received enough moisture. We treated his eyes with a daily ointment to keep them from getting too dry, but this wasn’t enough.  

We could tell he didn’t feel good. Some days, all he wanted to do was sleep.

When our staff veterinarian told us this would eventually cause him to go blind, we knew we had a tough decision to make.

With little Dewey’s best interest in mind, we made the decision to remove his eyes. We knew that this was the only way he’d ever be completely comfortable.

Dewey recovered in a loving foster home where he quickly adapted to his knew way of life.

Now, he’s exploring his world in a whole new way! He smells, listens, and feels his way around, and he hasn’t let it slow him down one bit! Once he’s familiar with his surroundings, he’s just like any other cat. You wouldn’t even be able to tell he’s blind! We’re so proud of Dewey!

Sweet Dewey met his forever family just as soon as he was available for adoption. He now has a sweet human brother as well as a dog sibling who was adopted on the same day. We couldn’t be happier for Dewey!

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