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At the Atlanta Humane Society Veterinary Center, we believe pets should have access to affordable, quality dental care. That’s why we offer two low-cost dental cleaning packages for Atlanta’s pets.

Dental cleanings are booked after you have a dental consultation with an AHS Veterinarian, and they have examined your pet to determine which package they require.

Book your FREE consultation online now or by calling 404.875.6420.

At your consultation, we’ll examine your pet’s teeth to determine which cleaning package they require and talk you through what to expect. Your package will be based off the grade of your pet’s dental disease and determined by your AHS Veterinarian. We’ll also complete your pet’s pre-dental bloodwork at no additional cost. At the end of your consultation appointment, your pet will be scheduled for their dental at our next available date.

$150 Dental Package for Grade 1 or Grade 2 Dental Disease

Grade 1 Dental Disease: mild gingivitis and plaque
Grade 2 Dental Disease: mild to moderate tarter and gingivitis on multiple teeth

This package includes a dental consultation, pre-dental bloodwork, and a dental cleaning for Grade 1 and Grade 2 dental disease only. 

$300 Dental Package for Grade 3 or Grade 4 Dental Disease

Grade 3 Dental Disease: heavy tartar and periodontal disease, often with bone loss
Grade 4 Dental Disease: severe tartar, periodontal disease, and oral pain

This package includes a dental consultation, pre-dental bloodwork, any necessary dental extractions, antibiotics, pain medication, Sanos Premium Dental Sealant to increase the longevity of your pet’s dental cleaning, and a dental cleaning for Grade 3 and Grade 4 dental disease.

Our low-cost dental cleanings are open to all dogs and cats of our community. You do not have to be a current AHS Veterinary Clinic patient to schedule your consultation.

Consultation appointments are scheduled during our regular Veterinary Center business hours. The appointment will last approximately 45 minutes. If you can’t make a midday appointment, you can schedule an appointment to drop your pet off at 8 a.m. and pick them up at 4 p.m. and our veterinarians will see them during the day. Consultations are required prior to booking your pet’s dental cleaning.

To schedule your consultation, please call 404-875-6420 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or fill out our online consultation request form.