The Atlanta Humane Society responded to an urgent puppy mill situation in Lamar County, GA where 44 dogs were living in extreme neglect. Many were nearly starving and most were covered head-to-toe in painful mats.  Clover was in a kennel all by herself trying to rest on an uncomfortable slatted pallet and unable to see because of the mats around her eyes. 

We pulled her out and began assessing Clover’s medical needs. Under all those mats, she was extremely underweight, and we could feel every bone in her body as we tried to comfort her. She had a severe and extremely painful ear infection that had gone untreated for months, if not years. 

We carefully loaded her into our van and headed back to Atlanta with 16 dogs from this cruelty case. Once she arrived, our staff immediately began grooming her to relieve the pain and discomfort she’d been feeling her entire life. Our Shelter Medicine Team scheduled her for surgery to examine, clean, and medicate the ear that was causing her immense pain.

After almost a week in our care, Clover now  greets us every morning with an excited tail wag and gentle kisses. Once she’s healthy enough, this angel is going to make the perfect addition to someone’s home.

Clover still has some healing left to do, and your support is the reason we’re able to take such expert care of her. 

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