When our Animal Emergency Services team arrived at the rescue site in Bacon County, GA, our Shelter Medicine Team immediately went to work identifying the most at-risk dogs who needed immediate help. Chester was one of the first dogs to catch our eye, and your support allowed us to offer him the immediate attention he needed. 

He was shockingly thin and could not bear any weight on his back left leg. We immediately carried him to the safety of our transport vehichle and told him it was going to be alright.

As soon as we arrived back in Atlanta, our Shelter Medicine Team went to work performing x-rays and other diagnostics to determine the best course of action for Chester’s gravely injured leg.

The injury to Chester’s leg was so severe that our team had to perform an amputation. Chester is gaining weight beautifully and is adjusting to life on three legs.

Chester hopes he will find the perfect forever family one day soon! He is available for adoption at our Mansell Campus in Alpharetta.

Your generous support allows us to respond immediately and help the most defenseless animals- animals just like Chester.