Once a regal German Shepherd Dog, Chase’s left ear would no longer stand up because of a severe infection, and every bone in his body was visible.

As a full grown male German Shepherd, Chase weighed only 65 lbs when he should have been well over 90. Chase was completely miserable. Your support helped us keep him alive during those first few critical days.

Our incredible Shelter Medicine Team went straight to work assessing and treating Chase’s many ailments.

He had not been receiving proper medical care for several years, and this left our Veterinarians with lots of work to do. Although they knew it would be a long road for Chase, they never stopped fighting for him. 

His ear infection was extremely painful, and had been troubling him for years since he was attacked by another dog. Bloodwork revealed that Chase’s fragile body wasn’t absorbing food correctly, which is what caused him to loose so much weight.

Our Shelter Medicine Team prescribed him pain medication and soothing ointment for his ear and a regimented prescription diet to help combat his weight loss.

He was placed into a loving AHS foster home where he received all of the love and care he could ever need. His foster mom administered dozens of medications, cleaned Chase’s ears hundreds of times, and always made sure that he had enough to eat and soft place to rest.

Thanks to the love provided by his foster mom, the expert care provided by our Shelter Medicine Team, and the support he received from friends like you, Chase is doing much better!

He still has a little bit of healing to do, but he has gained 8lbs and is finally living the life he deserves.

Your support allows us to offer life-saving care to animals just like Chase. Please give today.