On Wednesday, August 15, the Atlanta Humane Society’s Cruelty Investigation Unit brought Charlie and more than 30 other dogs back to Atlanta from a neglect case in Macon-Bibb County. All 32 dogs were living in deplorable conditions. These dogs were not receiving the love or attention they craved or the veterinary care they so desperately needed.  

Charlie was once a beautiful Cocker Spaniel with a gleaming blonde coat and dreams of a wonderful life with a loving family. Unfortunately, Charlie found himself in a severely neglectful situation living in squalor and without proper medical care.

Charlie’s fur is in tight, painful mats, and his eyes sting from advanced cataracts. His head is weighed down from the severe matting and filth covering his ears.

He will need weeks of specialized medical care before he is healthy enough to be adopted, but we know he’ll pull through because despite all the cruelty he has endured, this 7-year-old sweetheart has a fighting spirit and a gentle soul.

No matter what, Charlie is safe now. The best years of his life lie ahead of him, and our Shelter Medicine Team is giving him all the expert care he needs to make a full recovery. 

What he needs now is your support.

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