Abigail was rescued from a cruel and neglectful situation in Murray County, GA. She and 77 other dogs were living in squalor with dirty water, little food, and no access to much-needed medical care. Your support allowed us to bring these sweet souls back to Atlanta. Sweet Abigail was covered head to toe [...]

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When Snow first arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, we knew something was very wrong. Both of her eyes were clouded over, and one of them was extremely swollen and causing her immense pain. Our Shelter Medicine Team went to work on sweet Snow's eyes, and they soon realized it was worse than we thought. [...]

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Murray County Rescue

Atlanta Humane Society Cruelty Investigation just rescued 70 animals from an unspeakably cruel and neglectful situation in Murray County. Some of dogs have been living outside for all their lives. Exposed to the rain, heat, cold, and snow. Dirty water. Little food. Painful skin conditions went untreated. A few dogs are battling a potentially deadly [...]

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Our friends at a tiny animal rescue in Irwinton, GA reached out to ask a big favor... they weren't sure what was the matter with a little puppy in their care, but they knew something wasn't right. He couldn't bear any weight on his front left leg, and it seemed to cause him [...]

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Kitten and Puppy Season

Kitten and puppy season has hit, and Atlanta's tiniest creatures need you. We have hundreds of kittens and puppies in our care already, and hundreds more who will need your support this summer. Our resources are already strained, your support is needed now to care for all of these precious pets. DONATE [...]

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Maggie’s Story

Update: Thanks to your support, Maggie is healed and has been cleared for adoption! Maggie the 10-year-old dachshund came to the Atlanta Humane Society from a local county shelter, and we immediately knew something was wrong. Maggie was in severe discomfort, and x-rays soon revealed that her bladder was completely full of stones [...]

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Dudley desperately needed our help. This gentle 7-year-old lived his life completely outside behind a chain link fence- exposed to all sorts of weather and without enough love or proper care. He was suffering from an ear infection, severe dental disease, and an itchy skin condition that was causing his hair to fall out. He [...]

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As soon as we saw Ollie, we knew we had to help. His matted, frail body shook, and we could feel every bone as we held him close and tried to soothe him.  His right eye was missing and severely infected, and his left eye had such severe cataracts that he couldn't see. His world [...]

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