Maltipoos Rescued from Puppy Mill

The Towaliga County District Attorney’s Office and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department were alerted about the conditions of dogs on a property in Monroe County by a concerned citizen, and during a welfare check, the neglectful and unsanitary environment was discovered. The Atlanta Humane Society was called to assist with the animals. 44 Maltipoo dogs [...]

130 Dogs and 40 Cats

On Friday, August 16, the Atlanta Humane Society responded to a neglect case on a property in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Over 130 dogs and 40 cats ranging in age and health status were found by local authorities to be living in extremely neglectful conditions. Rescue groups from multiple states, including the Atlanta Humane Society, arrived [...]


When this four-month-old mix was hit by a car her owner took her to a local veterinarian where she was provided a cast. But it all went horribly wrong from there. Teddy's owner didn't take her back to have the cast removed. It was only after the smell turned so horrible that her owner came [...]

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When little Harriet (now named Pippa) arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, it was hard to tell what kind of animal she was. At 8-weeks-old, she was less than two pounds and covered head-to-toe in itchy, painful sores. A quick diagnostic test confirmed that this sweet girl had demodectic mange, which was making her miserable. [...]

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165 German Shepherds Rescued

On Thursday, January 3, the Atlanta Humane Society’s Animal Protection Unit responded to a neglect case involving approximately 165 German Shepherd Dogs on a property in Metter, GA. After carefully assessing the scene alongside the Candler County Sheriff’s Department, over 150 dogs ranging in age and health status were found living in extremely neglectful conditions. [...]


A tiny kitten. Huddled on the ledge of a bridge off I-20. Cars whizzing past directly under her.  Bridget had no where to run but straight into traffic or straight off a bridge. But then, a warm hand swooped around her. The young gentleman had put himself in danger to rescue her, and he picked her up [...]

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A kind man came to our Howell Mill Campus with a tiny puppy curled up in his arms. She was all but skin and bones, and only had a few tiny patches of fur on her body. We rushed her into care and named her Maggie. Sweet Maggie is suffering from mange, an [...]

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Once a frisky puppy, there was now something terribly wrong with Grits. Her bones were shaking and her body ached. Her temperature dropped and she was refusing to eat. Our Shelter Medicine Team ran a parvo test on her... and it came back positive. Most shelters have to euthanize at the first sign [...]

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Puppy and Kitten Season

It's not planned. But you can plan on it. Puppy and Kitten Season. Each spring, the Atlanta Humane Society sees a sharp uptick in the number of litters of puppies and kittens that arrive at our doors. They're cute, they're adorable, but they all need their shots and to be spayed or neutered. It [...]

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