When Butterscotch came into our care from Dekalb County Animal Services, she was covered head-to-toe in painful open sores, her skin infested with itchy mites. 

Although we could tell she was uncomfortable, Butterscotch’s sweet personality couldn’t help but shine through. Despite the fact that she was malnourished and neglected, all she wanted was to be loved.

Butterscotch received the immediate medical attention she needed from our Shelter Medicine Team and was placed in a loving AHS foster home to heal. 

Although she still has a ways to go, this sweet girl now has a warm, soft bed to lay in and a full belly every night. Your support allowed us to care for Butterscotch when she desperately needed our help. 

Perhaps for the first time in her life, Butterscotch is experiencing what it feels like to be loved, and your love is helping her heal.

Your donation allows us to provide immediate medical care and loving support to animals in need- animals just like Butterscotch.