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Atlanta Humane Society External Rendering



Our Atlanta Animal Center will have spaces that are separate from the public, which is especially crucial for dogs coming from cruelty and neglect situations that require longer stays. Because of this, we can provide deeper enrichment for behavior challenges. The Atlanta Animal Center will also include:

  • Play yards specially placed at the end of hallways so that dogs aren’t walking past multiple other dogs to get outside. These play yards will also be landscaped and set up so that the dogs aren’t seeing traffic or interacting with other dogs during their individualized play time.
  • Indoor/outdoor kennels so that dogs who are enrolled in our longer-stay Behavior Program will have the ability to go outside as they please.
  • Longer-stay kennels placed in a calm and isolated area in the facility to allow these dogs the most stress-free environment we can provide.
  • Design elements that reduce noise, barking, and stress in the dogs housed in our main adoption area.
  • A walking path on campus specifically designed for our shelter dogs and dog walker volunteers.

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