Words can never fully express how much you mean to the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS). You’ve had an incredible impact on the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats here in the metro Atlanta area — like Bailey . . .

Bailey was transported to us from one of our shelter partners — AHS works with more than 100 local animal shelters throughout Georgia and the Southeast.


This lifesaving partnership brings homeless rural animals to the metro Atlanta area, where they can find homes much faster and their lives can be saved.

Bailey was limping pitifully when he first came to us. He was obviously afraid, hurting badly and had been suffering for some time. He’d had no way to let someone know, and no one who cared.

When our Shelter Medicine Team examined sweet Bailey, we discovered his leg was broken, perhaps from a fall or being hit by a car. And it was broken so badly that he needed a specialized cast.

Thanks to compassionate supporters like you, we had the resources to provide the medical care Bailey needed. In addition to being given the cast that would allow his broken leg to mend, Bailey was given his vaccinations, and also the love, petting, play and pampering to let him know that someone did care.

Bailey thrived in a loving foster care home while his broken leg was mending.

With this special care and attention, he was able to heal and rest in comfort. When he was ready, Bailey was put up for adoption . . . and we are happy to report that he found his forever home that very day.


Your generous support saved Bailey. But what about the next broken animal who comes to us? Your gift today is critical to save broken animals like Bailey.

So many animals come to AHS each day in urgent need of:
• Shelter
• Medical care, vaccines and sterilization
• Adoption services and behavioral training that ensures a smooth transition into new loving homes
• Loving foster homes where they can rest and heal
• And so much more!

Your support has an incredible, life-changing impact on roughly 2,500 animals . . . every month! You ensure they receive exactly what they need to achieve a better life.

Today, I hope you’ll continue making a powerful difference for good in our community by making your next tax-deductible gift.

And if you’d ever like to see your support in action, I invite you to visit either campus in person. You will love meeting some of the dogs and cats you are helping to save.

Thank you again for your caring and compassion, and for partnering with us in this amazing work.

With sincere thanks,

Cal Morgan
President and CEO
Atlanta Humane Society