About Mailey E. McLaughlin, M.Ed.

Mailey E. McLaughlin, M.Ed. is the Atlanta Humane Society Behavior & Training Manager, and a Certified Dog Trainer Advanced/Professional Dog Training Instructor (CDT/CDTA/PDTI) through the International Association of Canine Professionals, where she is also Vice President of the Board of Directors. She has been working with people and their pets for over 34 years, teaching classes professionally for 17 years, and has built the Atlanta Humane Society’s training program from the ground up. She has years of experience working with shelter dogs and their owners. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a certified Pet First Aid Instructor. She believes training should be fun, fair, and results-oriented. Mailey is devoted to improving the relationship between pets and owners through calm, positive communication, not dominance. Since there is no “one right way” to train every dog, Mailey continues to educate herself professionally and has cultivated many approaches to problem-solving. In her spare time, Mailey enjoys recreational tree climbing, shooting, hiking, reading, and writing. Her personal blog is at http://www.carpek9.blogspot.com/

Fences Make Good Neighbors—and Frustrate Some Dogs

NOTE: this piece was originally published on the author's personal blog. It is used with permission. Part of dog ownership is making sure your pooch gets the right amount of exercise for his age, breed, size, and temperament. Walks are necessary, and a great activity for dogs, but walks alone won’t meet most large, boisterous [...]

The Space Between the Notes

NOTE: this piece was originally published on the author's blog. It is used with permission. Most dog owners are pretty familiar with how to meet a dog’s basic needs. These include quality food, fresh water, proper shelter, proper grooming, and veterinary care. Dogs require the above primary needs to survive. Many dog owners also understand that dogs [...]

So, Your Dog Doesn’t Like Its Crate?

So, your trainer and everyone else on the planet told you you should be crating your dog. Everywhere you turn, dog-intelligent people are telling you that crates can solve many behavior issues, provide structure, and make everyone's life easier. This is absolutely true for the vast majority of dogs. What many people will also tell [...]